Giles Alderson

Rethink your relationship with film

director | producer | screenwriter



Giles Alderson has been directing for 12 years. Making The Dare for Millennium Film (Hellboy) and World of Darkness for WhiteWolf media as well as producing A Serial Killers Guide to Life and Cassette feature films.

He also makes visual idents, Commercials and brand media forming strong relationships with clients and companies alike.

He is in prep for his next feature Knights of the Round Table for Signature Ent and Picture Perfect

His directed and co-wrote the feature film The Dare which was shot at Nu Boyena Fllm Studios in Bulgaria and stars Richard Short (Mary Kills Peoples) Bart Edwards (UnREAL) Richard Brake (Game of Thrones) Alexandra Evans (Redistributors) and Robert Maaser (Mission Impossible 5) The film has been picked up Millennium Media (Hellboy, Expendables) for sales.

He directed the TV pilot Not For Profit a comedy drama set in Sweden starring Anica Liljeblad (The Square) Bart Edwards (UnREAL) and Hannah Elström (Kingsman) as well as the web-series The Girl Whisperer for Little Rock productions. Produced by Zoe Rocha and starring and co written by Ralf Little.

He is currently writing two screenplays and is filming his documentary Food For Thought with presenter, actor and Born Free Ambassador Dan Richardson




Giles is host and owner of the popular The Filmmakers Podcast which he hosts weekly. Guests have included Neil Marshall, Mark Strong, Mark Sanger, Timothy Spall, Andy Nyman, Scott Mann



Giles hosts regular film-making events and Q&A’s including the Make Your Film panel event and recently at the BFI Future Film Festival.

An experience like nothing else
— Filming at Nu Boyena Studios in Bulgaria
Giles directin Mitchell Norman as the crew set up.png