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Title Role Director Theatre Production Company
The Banksy Job Booker Dylan Harvey Ipso Facto Films
Between Two Worlds Vinnie James Marquand Formidable Productions
Tales of the Supernatural David Nixon Steven M Smith Greenway Entertainment
LA Slasher Guy Martin Owen JWright Productions
Hero Jeremy Hawker Frances-Anne Solomon Caribbean Tales
Stalled Nick Christian James Annix Studios
The Harsh Light of Day
Lead: Infunari Oliver Milburn Multistory Films
The Torment
Lead: David Andy Cull Epic Pictures (Steve Isles)
Will Michael, TV Reporter Ellen Perry Strangelove Films
Heavy Duty Lead: Paul Johnston Rhys Hayward First Hand Films
The Possession of David O’Reilly Lead: David O’Reilly Andy Cull Authentic Films
Blood Army Kaylum Will James Moore Argy Films
E’Gad Zombie’s Richard Filthe Matthew Butler Fizz and Ginger Films
Sportsday 3D Narrator Giles Alderson Gold Films
Walking with the Enemy
Dorian Gal Mark Schmidt Liberty Studios
Elemental Storage Lead: Don Maxwell Matthew Dixon Original Standard Films
If You See Her, Say Hello
Lead: Him Paul Purnell Gold Films
Outcall Lead: Norman Sam Dore Burst Ear Drum Films
The Symmetry of Love
Lead: Kyle Knox Aitor Gaizka Flea Market Pictures
The Damned United Colin Todd Tom Hooper BBC Films/Leftbank Pictures
Mixed Up Tim Robinson Lawrence Pearce Black and Blue Films
Diagnosis: Superstar Lead: Richey Farnham Michael Tchobouroff Weeble films
A Dying Breed Lead: Luke McNamara Katherine Collins Wild Frontier Productions
I Want Candy
Carl Stephen Surjik Ealing Studio’s/Baggy Joe
Night Junkies
Lead: Vincent Monroe Lawrence Pearce Scanner-Rhodes
3 Minute Moments Lead: Joel Cameron Don Allen All Enquiries
MI6-Kyle Fraser Christopher Taylor Catchlight
Anaphylaxis Brian Ayman Farahat Ealing Studios


Title Role Director Theatre Production Company
The London Affair Dave Hatton Nick Jones Grassroots Media
Doctors Andy Couldrey Matt Carter BBC
The Great War Arthur Patrick Burke Paul Copeland ITV
Coronation Street Mike Ian Bevitt ITV
The Accidental Farmer Dan Mandie Fletcher BBC
The Silence Andy Dearbla Walsh BBC/Company Pictures
Sam King Greg Mills Ben Caron Monkey Kingdom
Kate Modern Steve Gavin Rowe Bebo
Blackpool Police Officer Catherine Morshead BBC
Tricks Norman Sam Dore Channel 4 / Maverick
50 Ways Fletcher Richard Nash Channel 5
Brother Liam Chris Whiltshire Flush the Fish
Boodle Robberies Cain James Monday BBC


Title Role Director Theatre Production Company
Ten Minutes Ben Rice Fiona Laird Greenwich Theatre Hillary Strong
Rocky Horror Rocky Christopher Malcolm European Tour BC&E
Pulling Ben Simmons Neville Michaels Bath Theatre Royal Cry Help
Grease Kenickie Ian Stephens Jersey Opera House JOH
As You Like It Orlando Simon Bell Cambridge Open Hand
Taming of the Shrew Lucentio Claudia Leaf Open Air (canterbury) Marlow /Chalkfoot
High Society Chester Ian Talbot Shaftesbury (west end) Adam Kenwright
Mid Summer Nights. Demetrius David Evans Open Air (Greenwich Lord Strange’ Men
Macbeth Malcolm Michael Cross Peterborough (key) RSKey
What Happened..? Tom Green Elgiva Field Pleasance (London) W.B Productions