Milburn makes evocative use of his Dorset locations to chronicle Dan Richardson’s progress from supernatural author to avenging slayer after he strikes a bargain with Giles Alderson’s mysterious stranger to find the thugs who killed his wife. Once Milburn reveals the nature of the pact and the fact the culprits belong to a snuff movie racket, the action picks up pace before reaching a poignant climax.

Empire Magazine

Giles Alderson is the star of the show as the mysterious character known only as Infunari. Milburn uses the character in small doses, teasing the audience of his origins and powers leaving you always wanting to see more of this compelling individual. A spin off movie would be an excellent treat.

Screen Jabber

We have an excellent script realised with inventive direction and carried by two very strong performances. Dan Richardson is superb as the tortured Daniel however is he somewhat eclipsed by Giles Alderson who is a marvel as Infurnari, and I expect I won’t be alone in clamouring for him to return for a second outing.

Geek Planet

“Giles Alderson has charisma as the mysterious ‘Infurnari’.”

The Guardian

“The cast of British actors are simply superb, i never noticed one single bad performance from any of the actors. Worthy of particular mention is the main actor Dan Richardson along with Giles Alderson who puts in a menacing yet enigmatic performance as the mysterious Infurnari. I also thought Paul Jacques twisted performance as Tom one of the 3 killers was superb. Great stuff all round!”

The Horror Chronicles

“Giles Alderson as the possessed David really hollows his character out and crawls inside. David is far more frightening than any of the monsters that his psyche could ever produce, and Alderson does a balls-out, bang-up job of bringing that character to life. He’s a sniveling wreck and a truly frightening psychotic. David’s descent isn’t so much a decline as it is a revelation of just how disturbed he’s always been, and how scary-good he is at hiding it when need be. He really is the sort of guy you wouldn’t think twice about allowing in to crash on your sofa. And that’s precisely what makes this true horror.”


“In the main role, Giles Alderson is fantastic; perfectly demonstrating his character’s loosening grasp on reality as events unfold.”


“The strength of the film lies in the gray zone it quite aptly creates. Luckily all the actors put in great performances, David (Giles Alderson), in particular, is very adept at translating his paranoia onto the screen. Crucial to the film as the audience is supposed to feed of it to increase the impact of the events.”

“Giles Alderson’s portrayal of David O’Reilly is a brave one, showing a man on the cusp of exhaustion, despair and potential lunacy. It’s rare to see a male lead having to break himself emotionally as much as Alderson does, and David is almost comical in his mania at times, but Alderson gives a realistically haunted performance throughout that is both gutting and terrifying.”


“A fabulously creepy, insidious film which stars Giles Alderson, making a realistic and ultimately doomed protagonist.”

“The Torment is a tour de force of budget cinema.”

Outpost Skaro, 30th July 2010