The Harsh Light of Day – Cast Interviews

I recently had the great delight of reviewing an excellent new little British movie, the horror/revenge thriller The Harsh Light of Day. And I was even more delighted to get the chance to ask the stars of this superb production, Dan Richardson and Giles Alderson a few questions…

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Mill Hill actor Giles Alderson stars in the new vampire flick The Harsh Light of Day

An actor from Mill Hill stars in the British horror-thriller The Harsh Light of Day, which is out next week.

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Interview with Giles Alderson

With the likes of ‘True Blood’ and ‘Twilight’ swarming us over the past few years on-screen vampirism certainly needs a good fresh kick in the teeth. So let’s hope Oliver S. Milburn’s debut feature ‘The Harsh Light of Day’ will take us once again to the darker realms of a vampire movie. We’ve been chatting with British star Giles Alderson about his vampiric role in the new horror project which opens in UK theatres this June.

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North West Magazine

The Harsh Light of Day interview with Catherine McCabeNorthWest Mag interview

Racing the Future

racing-the-futureWe go on the set of Sportsday, the first 3D live-action short to be filmed in the UK.

What on Earth has Possessed Giles Alderson?

We first met actor Giles Alderson many years ago in the early days of shooting LVJ. We were casting for a pop promo video destined to promote the film. The brief was to cast a female dance group so when Giles turned up for the audition we politely informed him that he really wasn’t what we were looking for. Not to be deterred, he stuck around, eventually persuading us that the video would work even better with a male dancer offering a counterpoint to the girls. He persevered all day to win us over and boy are we glad he did. His tenacity, drive and integrity impressed us all and soon he would not only be appearing in the promo but also would become our first choice as a suave good looking agent to appear in LVJ and a longtime friend.

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The Torment Cast Interview

We caught up with the cast of the The Torment, Giles Alderson, Francesca Fowler, Zoe Richards and Nicholas Shaw to talk blood, bell-ends and daring to be different.

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Giles Alderson on Playing David O’Reilly in The Torment

In the first of a series of behind the scenes blogs on The Torment (The Possession Of David O’Reilly), written and directed by Andrew Cull, Giles Alderson talks about becoming David O’Reilly, the challenge of playing such a dark role and about his current and future projects. I think you’ll find it a really interesting read. Thanks Giles!!

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